Frequently Asked Questions

***My practice is currently full. ***

Since I firmly believe in therapy seekers connecting to professional support as immediately as possible, I have not been in the habit of keeping a waitlist. However, many trusted colleagues I typically refer to are also full up.

For additional resources, please take a look at the lower section of Find A POC Therapist.

If you would still like to explore the possibility of working with me, I encourage you to circle back in June… thanks for your patience!


In response to re-opening efforts, I resumed in-person sessions in July 2021. With a post-CV designed office, HEPA filtration and other CV precautions are in place to keep everyone who each of us comes into contact with healthy. CV protocols have been effective, and to-date there has not been a single incidence of transmission as a result of in-person sessions.

With the current CV landscape—where we are learning to live with the novel coronavirus—my practice is now masking optional per each client’s preferences, or needs if immunocompromised.

In addition, I am serving clients in the greater NYC area seeking in-person sessions, which are more conducive to the somatic (at times, even hands-on) approaches I specialize in. While I was offering remote sessions out of necessity in response to the pandemic, I found that only working with about one-fifth of clients’ information (head and shoulders, rather than your whole body, plus interacting with a screen instead of being in the same room together) was too restrictive, and likely better suits traditional talk-therapy.

If you prefer telehealth, of course, there are numerous practitioners who kept their practices online only. Please take a look at Find A POC Therapist to guide your search for an online provider.

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