Coming Home


LoveWholeBeing offers a nature-inspired, holistic journey of discovery, growth, insights, healing and integration.

Michele L. Kong is a Certified Professional Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist and NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst who creates healing spaces for people to re-connect with their intrinsic wholeness.

Illuminating pathways out of old patterns, Michele is an empathic witness who facilitates individuals to fully inhabit the gift and grace of their body-heart-mind-soul-spirit. When people align all aspects of their being, embodying wholeness feels like coming home.

Working with Michele is a holistic process of inquiry that includes:

    • creativity, play and laughter
    • shadow work to shine the light on inner critics, bullies, protectors, perfectionists and their relatives
    • a values and strengths approach
    • acceptance of every behavior having an important function for each person
    • mindfulness to increase awareness and presence
    • as well as other artful ways to uncover deeper meanings for people to fulfill their most heartfelt longings

The journey to embracing wholeness is one of deep inquiry, and for some an opportunity to tap into their spiritual essence. Some steps along the way will seem light and positive, while others may be dark and challenging. Michele’s holistic perspective extends an honest invitation to hold all with compassion. With greater tolerance for paradox, appreciation of the unknown and natural curiosity, people who work with Michele find more space to be truly themselves from the inside out.

“Learning to rely upon and trust the intuitive wisdom of your body as you’ve been depending upon and trusting your cognitive mind marks a homecoming. Tissue and bone, cell and fiber, our bodies carry an unbiased desire for a genuine conscious relationship with the soul.” — Paula M. Reeves, Ph.D., Women’s Intuition