LoveWholeBeing is a practice where you are invited to reconnect with your intrinsic wholeness.

When you align all aspects of your being, embodying wholeness feels like coming home.

Michele L. Kong, CPC, SEP, LP will guide you through a nature-inspired, holistic journey of discovery, growth, insights, healing and integration.

Using a holistic process of inquiry, the path together will include:

The journey to embracing wholeness has varied terrain. At first, you may find relief just having professional support and an objective witness. You will make incremental changes and feel encouraged. However, the voyage will not be linear. Of course, both growth and set backs are par for the course. Some steps along the way will feel really difficult and challenging. The road will be open, then narrow, wind and twist. You will see progress on one hand, and feel frustrated on the other. Charting pathways out of old, familiar patterns, you will also perhaps (re)ignite your relationship to levity, celebration and excitement.

Your tears, fears and joys—along with everything in between—will be greeted with open arms. Let this be a space where you share unedited, unfiltered, even rawly. Relinquish yourself from holding things in. After trepidation at first, you will soon find ease in being honest and real. Most importantly, with yourself. In time, you will come to recognize the gift and grace of your body-heart-mind-soul-spirit. With smiles and warmth, you will be gently persuaded to inhabit yourself fully. All of you is gladly welcome here.

May you accept the invitation… coming home to yourself with pleasure.

“Learning to rely upon and trust the intuitive wisdom of your body as you’ve been depending upon and trusting your cognitive mind marks a homecoming. Tissue and bone, cell and fiber, our bodies carry an unbiased desire for a genuine conscious relationship with the soul.” —Paula M. Reeves, PhD, Women’s Intuition


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